Photoshoot with designer Aziz Begum!

What a day! I am exhausted but also super happy after all I have been thorough today. Well first of… I woke up 5 in the morning and got my tired body down to work at the harbor . After that I had planned to go to the gym to have a shower because I did not have time to go home to do so. 
Well.. I managed to go around in circles and used 1 hour to find the gym (which I have never been to before). I had an awesome time just relaxing in the shower before the photo shoot. 
When I arrived at the location (5 minutes from the gym) I met up with the photographer (Saba Laba) my male co model (Norwegian Elf-pirate) and his manager (Eirill DeLonge). But let’s not forget about the Designer….. Aziz Begum! This woman is amazing and It was such an honor to be the model for her dress online catalogue/shop.
I was a little curious on how my bright orange hair would suit this amazing pink dress. Well It did and I am so happy about the pictures <3
Well the picture the photographer was most happy about was not appealing for me in the beginning. I thought my face looked really ugly but after some time it grew on me and I finally posted it. And people loved it!!
BTW… this is The Norwegian Elf Pirate. He is an awesome dude that you have to check out! We have been doing a lot together lately so stay tuned for more projects with him!
Then it was time to change the dress. I loved this black dress and I think it suited my hair perfectly.   This is the dress the photographer Saba Laba was wearing when she won an EMMY this year. 
Thanks to everyone making this day awesome 😀
Photo: Saba Laba 
Makeup: Lina Josefine Johansen
Male Model: The Norwegian Elf pirate
Designer: Aziz Begum
Helper and friend: Eirill Karianne Catríona DeLonge