Started on my Silvermist cosplay (again)

Some of you may know that I have started on this Silvermist cosplay last year, but stopped due to lack of motivation when the snow went away. (I really wanted the cosplay to be done when it still was snow outside, for the best shoots)

But now It’s winter again and I am back on track with this cosplay. I managed to get the mittens done last year and you can read about it her.

It was about time to start on the “dress coat”. I was nervous because I really did not know how to make this and I did not have a pattern.  I started out with using my friends coat as help for creating a pattern and drew it on a parchment paper. I then transferred the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out. I then sewed the pieces together and tried it on. I like to make the pattern a little to big so i can sew it in until it fits me. (That’s much better then to make it too small and then have to make the whole thing again from scratch).

I then did the sleeves which was a whole different thing. So much easier and I was finished in no time. And there is where I left it off. I have a bunch more to do but now i feel confident about the project and know for a fact that it will turn out OK.  Thank you guys for supporting me and I will update you with more progress pictures later. This week is soon done and I have so much more plans next week so stay tuned for fun blog posts. Love you all <3

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