Starting on Miss Finster

Yaaas Guys! Miss Finster from Recess is happening and it is going to be awesome XD She is an awesome character from Recess (The best Disney program EVVVER!)

This is miss Finster if you did not know! It is a pretty easy cosplay and I decided to make a “sexy young Finster” because I am not that good at makeup to make myself 40 years old 😀

The first thing I did was to try to find all the material I needed because I just decided to make this without buying anything or prepare. I found out I didn’t have enough yellow fabric for the dress so i had to improvise and I actually found a way to do it.  YAY ME!

I painted a watch because I did not have one that looked like the one Miss Finster has. I also painted a whistle grey that I found in my room. This was the easy part. The hard part was to sew the dress on other clothes. Because I had so little yellow fabric and it was transparent did I have to that. This is how the dress looked when I had to finish that day.