What is Vero?

If you have been active on instagram lately, you have most likely seen that more and more people are creating accounts on another social media platform called Vero. Vero is a new app that can relate to instagram in many ways (well old instagram). It has been very hard to get our work out to the followers lately because of drastic changes in the algorithms instagram uses. Instagram started out with a newsfeed based on a “Newest posts in chronological order” kind of algorithm  (which Vero uses) , but has changed into “we show you what we THINK you will enjoy, in a non chronological order” algorithm. I have never been quite happy with instagram after that change. Instagram has been a hard platform to use if you are not into spending some money. You have a difficult time reaching your own followers with you content and me and my (creative) friends really suffers from this kind of changes. 

“Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.” -Vero

Vero operates with the old instagram algorithm witch makes you get the content of the ones you follow in a chronological order based on the time it is posted. You can make your own profile and can share not only pictures and video, but also:

-Movies -Books -Places -Music -Links

You can also pick your audience for each individual posts. You have different categories called:

-Close Friend -Friend -Acquaintance -followers

     And the best part is that they promise this:

But here is the part you may not like:

It is understandable that they need money to keep working on this app and if they can’t earn it through ads and sponsored posts the only option they have is to have a subscription. The first Million users will get the account for free (for lifetime) but after that, new users will have to pay some dollars a year. Vero will also earn money on the products that are sold through the app.

I truly love Vero so far, but you have to keep in mind that it is still a beta and some problems can occur.  I had for an example some problems with starting the app and it can close by itself unexpectedly. But that will be better with time 😀

I hope you find this article helpful 😀

You can read more about Vero here.

Love Kira <3